There is a general perception that Celestial Church of Christ has a different set of practices which do not align with mainstream Christianity, but one man is changing the paradigm.

Recently, we had the opportunity and privilege to be not only in the presence of greatness but in the corridors of the anointed.  His name is Prophet Oladele Israel Ogundipe.

“Prophet Dele”, as he is fondly called, is the shepherd in charge of Genesis Global, a ministry within the commission of the Celestial Church of Christ. He has been tagged the founder of the model type of celestial church with some urban appeal. The order of service, the atmosphere, the music and the posh- looking church interior and exterior pass off the feel of being in a model Pentecostal church. His style of preaching and belief is far from your typical Cele Church.

Coming from a very poor background and with little education,  Israel Oladele Ogundipe has been able to build a modern Christian assembly that appeals to the young and upwardly mobile. Genesis global has over 10,000 registered members from Nigeria and around the world.

We spent his 43rd birthday with him, family, friends and church members. Woli Dele as he is fondly called in Yoruba by the elderly, who are his parishioners, narrated how he started and what inspired his brand of white garment church during some of our conversations.

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SOUL E Turns Prophet, Sees Davido In Fatal Accident, Wizkid Poisoned, and Aso Rock on fire!

It’s a season of visions really in African entertainment. Just when we are still getting over the shock vision of a Ghanian prophet on Yvonne Nelson, Nadia Buhari and a host others, our very own Nigerian prophet rises to declare impending doom on Nigerian entertainers.

Soul singer, Paul Okose, popularly known as Soul E has now become a prophet, and he is seeing visions just as it was prophesied in the book of Isaiah, that ‘Young Men Shall See Visions, and Our Old Men Shall Dream Dreams’