You Are Jehovah

You Are Jehovah

You’re the Mighty Man in battle

You’re Jehovah

You’re the Mighty Man of War


I’ll sing hallelujah To the lamb of God

I’ll sing hosanna to the One who never dies

The one who was and is to come, Jehovah

The Mighty Great I Am

You are Jehovah


You are Jehovah

You are Jehovah

You are the mighty man in battle

You are Jehovah

You are the mighty Man of War

You are Jehovah


Demons tremble when your name is called

Mountains skip whenever you show up

You are the mighty man in battle

You are Jehovah

You are the mighty Man of War

You are Jehovah


You are Jehovah, Jehovah, Jehovah,

Jehovah, Jehovah, Jehovah Lord!

You are Jehovah

The mighty man in battle

you are Jeho- Jehovah

The mighty man of war

You are Jehovah


Invincible God, there is none like you

Ancient King,

You are worthy to be praised God!

you are the Mighty Man in battle,

Oh! God You’re Jehovah

The Mighty, Mighty Man of War

You Are, You are Jehovah


You are Jehovah

You are Jehovah

You are The Mighty Man in battle

You are Jehovah

You are the Mighty Man of War

You are Jehovah.


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A spiritual sound to a troubled soul… A victory chant to a wounded world…

Our new song of deliverance… An affirmation of His might to mortal spirits…
A strong approach to warfare… A song with potency packed in the simplicity of melody.

Let’s raise our voice, as we join the host of celestial warrior Angels and sing with God’s anointed, Minister Prospa Ochimana in declaring – YOU ARE JEHOVAH!

God takes over your battle as you declare His supremacy. The arm of flesh fails but “Ekwueme” has no record of failure. The Mighty Man of War wins all battles.

You are sure to share your testimony by the atmosphere of His presence in this anointed song.

In the midst of it all – YOU ARE JEHOVAH!

The song was produced by Ebenezer Iriemi.



New Music: Ekwueme (Audio & Video) By Prospa Ochimana Ft. Osinachi Nwachukwu | @ProspaOchimana

The experience is life-changing and the anointing evident from the sound of his voice to the passion of his spirit.

From Prospa Ochimana‘s debut single “The Great I Am” to the consecration slow rock “It All Belongs To You,” the unceasing stirring of the atmosphere of God’s presence is so tangible and evident with ripples of testimonies and waves of encounters around the world through these songs.

Here comes a new sound that pierces through celestials and brings the spirit of man to the presence of “Ekwueme”, featuring another worshiper of great depth and impact “Mrs Nwachukwu” (Her ministry in songs through the Holy Spirit leaves a very intense atmosphere of encounters and deliverances).

The song title “EKWUEME” (meaning the God who says it and does it) sang in English and Igbo (Eastern Nigerian language) is a pure slow-tempo, power packed spiritual music.

Get ready to launch into the deep, for an encounter, to experience the marvelous works of the ONE who says it and does it. Turn on the volume and turn down worldly pressure through this song. We can’t wait to hear you share your testimonies like others around the world. Be blessed!


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