The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Tabernacle of David’s October 2017 Holy Ghost Party holding on Friday 27th October brings Sinach and Chioma Jesus two gospel music Super heavyweights under one roof.

The Holy Ghost Party has been running for More than six years and it has featured top gospel artists, bands and ministers in Nigeria Like Chioma Jesus, Frank Edwards, Nathaniel Bassey, Big Bolaji, RCCG Praise Team, and the True Worshippers just to name a few.

This October Holy Ghost Party will hold on Friday, 27th of October 2017 and will be headlined for the first time ever by the world-renowned and award-winning gospel artiste and minister Sinach.

Sinach a world-renowned gospel artiste has travelled far and wide all over the world and ministered along-side great men of God.

SInach will be joined this October by Chioma Jesus another Gospel music heavyweight whose music is well known all over the African continent.

Bee Jay Sax, RCCG Praise Team and the in-house choir of RCCG Tabernacle of David the True Worshippers who will open the night with Heaven reaching and earth transforming Praise and Worship.

The ministration of the word will be done by Pastor Peter Amenkhienan one of the newly appointed Assistant General Overseers in The Redeemed Christian Church of God.

The service will be Hosted by Pastor Olukayode Pitan who is the MD/ C.E.O of Nigeria’s Bank of Industry, Pastor-In-Charge of RCCG, Lagos Province 46 and Assistant Pastor-in-Charge of RCCG, Region 20.

The service kicks off by 10 pm and won’t end till about 5 am the following Saturday morning.

You are sure to feel and enjoy the tangible presence of the Holy Ghost at this October Holy Ghost Party.

We invite all and sundry to grace this occasion with their presence and also make it a point of duty to invite their family and friends for this event as it is the Last for the year 2017 and it will be the Best and the Biggest. We look forward to seeing you, God bless.

RCCG, Tabernacle of David aka house of favour is a place where professionals, entrepreneurs and politicians are transformed and empowered to take their place in the nation and in the world. Our church is one where purposed is discovered, vision is received and destiny fulfilled.

The Holy Ghost Party a Bi-Monthly Praise and Worship event organized by RCCG, Tabernacle of David, Ajah, Lagos is set to be the best and the biggest praise and worship event ever this October 2017.


TIME: 10:00PM  TIILL DAWN [No African Time]

VENUE: RCCG, Tabernacle of David- Km 22, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Ilaje B/stop, Ajah Lagos.

Call 09099252172 for directions to the event.


Admission is completely FREE.


This list is compiled by Warren Bird Ph.D who has been researching global megachurches since 1991, also contributing to a North American megachurch list since 2006, and posting the global megachuches online since 2010.

The list is not based on membership but on actual worship attendance — adults and children, all services, all physical campuses on an average weekend for the year. It is limited to Protestant congregations. Multisite churches are counted as part of one congregation if they are all under the same leader and governance, adhere to the same doctrine, identify together under a similar name or association, and share finances at some level.

Following Deeper Life  is Living Faith Church (Winners Chapel) and The Apostolic Church (LAWNA) with actual attendance of 50, 000 worshipers in a service. while Winners Chapel records equal figure for its largest weekly service attendance, LAWNA’s largest attendance during a weekly service skyrocketed to 100, 000.

Also on the list is The Redeemed Christian Church of God with 40, 000 largest attendance, Word of Life Bible Church, Christ Embassy (Believer’s Love World Fellowship) and Lords Chosen Charismatic Revival Church with 30, 000, Household of God, House on the Rock, First Baptist Church, Church of God Mission International, Christian Central Chapel International (CCCI), amongst others.

Some other Africa churches that made the list include Jesus Celebration Center, Mombasa, Kenya, Rhema Bible Church, Johannesburg, South Africa, Christian Life Church, Kampala, Uganda, Christian Revival Centre, Bloemfontein, South Africa , amongst others.

To view or download the complete list visit: http://www.leadnet.org/world

Credit: SelahAfrik


‘The elders have a saying, “if children of the same mother enters into a room to talk and come out smiling, they have not told each other the truth.” Alright, so in the next 3 minutes, you might not be smiling as I am going to tell you the truth, because am your daddy.

Strictly speaking I have searched the scripture, there is nowhere that I have found where it is written, if you wear make-up, you will go to hell or you will not make it to heaven, I can’t find it in the Bible. It is not to be found anywhere at all, but I have done my own research.

There are two places in the whole Bible where references were made to painting of face, only two places, and the two places are bad. One of the places talked about Jezebel. How many of you will name your daughter Jezebel? 2 Kings 9:30, the day Jezebel was going to die, she did make up properly, painted her face, dented her face with jewelries, but at the end of the day, dog ate her.

The second place is in Jeremiah 4:29-30 where God was speaking in anger to daughters of Zion, He says, “when I make up my mind to deal with you, you can paint your face as you like, it is not going to deliver you.” Read it, you have your Bible to read. Those are the only two places I found, and they are terrible references.

Now as far as am concerned, it is up to you to decide how you want to look, you want to make up, you want to paint yourself, you are at liberty. If for any reason whatsoever God decides not to allow you to enter heaven, sorry o!!! The point I’m making is this, nobody ever add sugar to honey. Have you seen anybody adding sugar to honey? Anytime you see a piece of furniture that is painted, wooden furniture that is painted, the wood is inferior. When the wood is ebony, nobody paints it, no no no. I think children of God should realise they are precious enough, by the special grace of God and by the shed blood of Jesus Christ. They are honey, they don’t need sugar.
Some people go about in the name of fashion wearing wigs. I’m not being judgemental at all.

This is not law, there is no where in the Bible which says if you wear wigs, you can’t make it to heaven. But this hair that you are wearing, from whose head was it cut? Do you know who was the original owner of the hair? Do you know what kind of anointing is in that hair? It is put in the most important part of your body, the head!!! “Thou anointed my head.” Things are so bad now that some ladies come for ordination with wigs on. I always asked them, which one do you want me to anoint, the wig or the head? I told you, you will not smile by the time I finished. I have not been legalistic, I have not said thou shall not wear wig. I’m only talking to my daughters, my own children.

I read something in the book of Revelation 7:1-3. Some angels were sent from heaven to deal with the inhabitants of the world, after the rapture, the Bible says, “I heard the Almighty God said, before you begin to deal with people, let me mark them, let me seal them on their forehead, so that we know those that the bullet should not hit.” What we wear matters. Why do you think the army wear uniforms? It is so that they will not accidentally shoot their own members. Can God recognize you at a glance, that is, as a child of God? Some people say it does not matter, and that what is inside is what is important, I agree with the last part, but what is inside will show outside. it will show on the outside, it will show, don’t let anybody deceive you.

When I became the General Overseer, I brought a group of teachers to come and teach in the Bible College and they began to teach series of things I did not bargain for. They were teaching that God is not interested in the outside, He is interested in the inside, this man (the G. O.) is legalistic, he is too strict. So I went to Oyingbo market to buy two oranges, one ripe and the other green all over. My Bible students were beginning to turn to rebels and God gave me wisdom, so I stood before the class and I said, which of this oranges will you take if I ask you to pick one? They all pointed at the yellow and ripe one, and I said why? They said because that one is going to be the sweeter one. How do you know when you have not seen the inside? They all said what is inside the orange portrays and shows what is reflecting outside. An orange is sweet from the appearance because its inside is sweet and vice versa to unripe oranges. It was at this point l passed the real message to the people and the Holy Spirit gave them change of heart afterwards.

People of God, God cannot be mocked, you cannot begin to tell people that God only dwells in the heart of man, seeks the heart alone and not the facial appearance, It is A LIE FROM THE PIT OF HELL ! You cannot sit on the fence, it either you are cold or hot… Say no to FASHION OF HELL … Why not be and remain the way God created you? Why are you adding to what God has created? In other words, you are telling God that, “God ooh, see you are senseless to have created me this way I am, I am going to recreate myself back with make ups.” (God forbid). May you not be an enemy of God. Amen. “Let your dressing be in modest apparell, not of painting of face or using of gold ,necklaces or earrings, but of pure heart , shamefacedness and modesty.”

Have you considered Jezebel in the Bible? She was a perfect example of the usage of all these things, and she made all these things of demonic value. May you not be among her descendants in Jesus mighty name. Let your watchword be ”WORLDLINESS FORBIDDEN.” Instead of the world copying good things from us (believers), we the believers are the one copying bad things from the world! Very shameful and pathetic!

Remember, “friendliness with the world equals to enmity with God. Beware of the end time vices and change your ways now!

What is your take one it?

Event : Join Tim Godfrey, Pat Uwaje King, Enitan Adaba at RCCG Promise land on 27th Nov.

It’s going to be a night of prayer and worship at The Oasis, RCCG Promised Land Ajah as they host you to a worship program Tagged

Jesus and Me #JAM with Tim Godfrey, Pat Uwaje King , Enitan Adaba, Praise for One, Sounds of Hermon . The event is themed ‘’Finishing Strong’’

It promises to be a life changing experience, come expectant and be ready to experience God in a different dimension.

Venue: The Oasis, RCCG Promised Land, Hitech Road Ajah, Lagos

Time: 10: 00

Date 27th Nov. 2015-11-02

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Brace yourself for a lasting experience. 

Event : RCCG king’s Court presents a Special Entertainment industry service

Are you a Nollywood practitioner, musician, comedian, deejay, dancer, makeup artiste, event planner, producer, director, blogger, tv/radio presenter, label owner?
You are invited to a special entertainment industry service.

Venue: RCCG Kings Court 3 keystone bank crescent off adeyemo alakija, Victoria island, Lagos, Nigeria

Host: Pastor Ben Akabueze.

For more information call 08098493272.


Check out the video invite on facebook

Special Entertainment industry service at the king’s court…be there.

Event: Power House The Youth Arm Of RCCG Christ Church Presents Awesome Wonder Concert | @amenradio1 @rccgpowerhouse

Power House The Youth Arm Of RCCG Christ Church Presents A contemporary music concert: Awesome Wonder

Tim Godfrey and The xtreme crew
Femi Okunuga
Paul Akadi
Narrow Way Worship Crew

Rhapsody of David.

Rccg Christ Church
Block A, Plot 6
Redemption Cresent (Road Beside UPS)
Oworonshoki, Gbagada

Date: 30th August, 2015.

Time: 3pm
Unilag Fm
PraiseWorld Radio
Mustard Artitainment Concept
and Christ Church.

This Concert is Free!!!

Its Awesome Wonder.

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AmenRadio… Keep On Believing


RCCG Presents Annual HolyGhost Congress Themed “The Great Shepherd”

great S


The Redeemed Christian Church Of God Presents its Annual Holyghost congress.

Theme: The Great Shepherd

Date: December 8th-13th 2014

Venue: Redeemption camp, km 46, Lagos-Ibadan Express Way.

Ministering: Pastor E.A Adeboye & Other Anointed Ministers of God

You dont wanna miss this!!!

Note: There will be Free Meal for all Attendee just like the Annual Convention. (Once A Day)


Displaying destiny 1.jpg
RCCG Court of His Majesty Zone presents FESTIVAL OF DESTINY 2014 themed “BORN TO MANIFEST” starting on the 9th -16th November, 2014.

The Conference Opens with a Morning Session on Sunday 9th of November by 8am and continues in the evening by 6pm. (See Session Poster for my details on the various sessions)

The Conference hosted by Pastor Fred Odekhian, Pastor in Charge of RCCG Court of His Majesty Zone, will also have the following Ministers:









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Plan to Attend.

Radio Livestream on www.amenradio.net

You don’t have to miss a session.

RCCG Pastor Butchered In Borno, Whereabout Of Wife & Children Unknown


A pastor with the Redeem Christian Church of God in Borno state, Pastor Taiwo Dokun was shot dead and butchered by Boko Haram men during the Monday July 14th attack on Dille village in Askira-Uba LGA of Borno state. The late pastor’s wife and three children are feared to have been taken by the sect men who reportedly abducted some people on the day of the attack.

A resident of the village, Jacob Mamza, gave an account of how the pastor was killed to correspondent;
“The pastor was in his house at about 6am when the insurgents attacked the village. His house was surrounded by the hoodlums and while attempting to run he was shot. Pastor Taiwo was running to a neighbour’s house and it was in the course of his fleeing that he was shot in the head and the chest and the insurgent equally came to butcher him to make sure that he was dead.” he said.

Church members say the late pastor’s wife and children’s whereabout is unknown as they have not been seen since the attack on Monday. They have ruled out death as their bodies are not among those they gathered after the attack and suggested they may have been taken away by the sect men who abducted some people on the day of the attack.



Overflow – Femi Micah (RCCG HolyGhost Congress Theme Song)

Gospel Music Artist Femi Micah has released a brand new single in line with this year’s RCCG  Holy Ghost Conference theme “Overflow”. According to the news reaching our news desk, the Song will be endorsed by the General Overseer of The Redeem Christian Church Of God Pst. E . A Adeboye. Femi, who is part of the praise theme and a lead singer in RCCG  will be performing the song during the congress.

The RCCG Holy Ghost Conference is an annual gathering of all faithfuls of the Redemmed Christian Church of God and many other christian from diverse denomination. This year’s event is slated for the 9th through to the 14th of december 2013. This conference has a record of have over 2 million worshippers in the Redemption camp at kilometer 46 Lagos Ibadan Express way, Ogun state.