Uwem Owo – Safe Ft. Victor Iko

Uwem Owo, a Nigerian saxophonist, releases a new single featuring Victor Iko. He titles this new release “SAFE”.
According to the artist, “SAFE is a song you’ll like to listen to before you step out of your homes every day, while you are driving or when you hear bad news about insecurity challenges locally or globally. This song was written during the global COVID 19 pandemic in the fall of 2020. God’s word came to me ‘I have a firm grip on you’ and those words were the bedrock of this musical piece. Regardless of my location and circumstances, God said ‘I HAVE A FIRM GRIP ON YOU’”.

Uwem Owo understands that knowing that one is safe in God’s hands brings so much joy and warmth that can not be described. This is the assurance of divine protection from all forms of evil! (Psalm 91).
There is a hand that can shield you from every attack of the enemy – The Mighty Hand of God! More so, God never promised us a world without chaos, sicknesses/diseases, war etc! But scriptures says “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty!” This connotes divine coverage.

And when God got your back, the rest is history!

Listen and be blessed.



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New Music: Uwem Owo – Healing Stream

Uwem Owo is a Nigerian saxophonist, worship leader and songwriter. He has a heart for the sick and strongly believes that there is no health condition that is beyond the healing power of God. “For with God, all things are possible!…..to those who believes.”

The song “Healing Stream” is meant to be a similitude of the pool of Bethesda; where there was a stirring of the deep waters and whoever gets into the water was completely healed.

This song is specially written for God’s people who are oppressed in their health (regardless of the name of the sickness/disease) to connect with the word of God and fight for their healing.

Jesus has paid the full price for your healing, salvation and deliverance.

It is my prayer that the hand of the Lord will touch every sick person who gets in contact with the song! The lame will jump off their wheelchairs and the bed-riden will pick up their beds and walk! 

May this song stir up your Faith in the efficacy of God’s word and the power behind the finished work of Christ at Calvary!